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Marketing Land to Build-to-Suit Buyers

Century 21 Action Plus Realty has over twenty-years in marketing land to build-to-suit buyers which can implement the buyer’s vision for the development of the land.¬† Agents from the Century 21 technology based marketing package that will not only create the proposed image but accelerate the process of attracting the buyer. Examples of the corporate development approach are comprised of the following points:

  • Century 21 Action Plus Realty offers Intensive marketing of the property through direct mail, billboard advertising and periodical advertising. Complemented by aggressive and repeated direct solicitation programs which mirrors the Century 21 Corporate approach.
  • Mr. Ervin Oross, PP AICP, a partner in Century 21 Action Plus Realty is a licensed New Jersey Professional Planner who can develop a project Implementation plan where municipal or county planning approvals would be needed to bring the site to a “ready to go” state.
  • ¬†Century 21 Action Plus Realty can assist you in enlisting a development team of financing and construction experts who can assist you and your company to either purchase or lease the site with easy transition.